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Salts of the Earth Charlotte NC

At Salts of the Earth in Charlotte, NC, we have learned that dedication and commitment are the qualities saltworkers around the world have in common. While sourcing our salt supplies we have talked to various suppliers and producers across the globe, and we noticed that they all have a real passion to keep traditional salt making techniques alive and a desire to produce the finest unrefined salt possible. Just talk to Roland in the Kalahari Desert, Jim and Darcy up in Alaska, Bjorn over in Iceland and you would know what we mean. There is an infectious enthusiasm within them all that is highly addictive.

One of our mottoes is “use less, taste more” and if used correctly, the flavors of any and all foods can be greatly enhanced by the correct use of good salt.

This is evidenced by what happened to us one day in France when we asked our local butcher the best way to cook the beautiful steaks we had just purchased. He looked at us bemused at first, before telling us to simply grill the meat without seasoning it first (his logic telling us that salt added prior to cooking would draw out all the moisture and natural juices). Far better, he told us, to grill simply without pre-seasoning and then to finish afterwards with your preferred salt to taste. And you know something? He was right. And that leads us to our signature mottoes.....

“It’s how you finish that matters” and "The finest cuisine demands the best of salts!" Salts of the Earth

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