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Salt Stories

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We are always inspired by the many stories of hard work, dedication and creative inspiration of people in the salt trade, both in ancient times and in the present.

Hope and Zach’s modern day story of how Wellfleet Sea Salt began is no exception. These two enterprising college students won part of their start up cash for their salt business through a business idea pitch contest at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY.

The inspiration for their business idea came from their entrepreneurial spirit and their knowledge of the history of past Cape Cod salt makers of Wellfleet, MA. At the time of the American Revolution, a salt embargo was placed on all imported salt. The locals had to find a way to produce their own salt because before the days of refrigeration, everything was preserved with salt. When refrigeration came into use, the salt industry of Cape Cod faded away.


Hope and Zach`s dream was to bring this old tradition back to Cape Cod in an eco-friendly way.

Using repurposed oyster floats and the power of the sun, wind, and ocean, they have built a truly local sustainable business.

For a taste of unadulterated, unprocessed minerals that exist only in the waters of Cape Cod, this is a must try salt!


Saltverk Reykjaness was established in 2011 when three ambitious young men with masters degrees decided to revive a tradition of Icelandic salt making.

In 1770, Iceland was under the Danish rule of King Christian VII and salt was needed for salted cod exports to produce revenue for the king.

Fast forward almost 250 years…..

By outfitting old abandoned fish farms with futuristic technology, the adventurous trio created the only salt in the world to be produced by geothermal energy.

Seawater is drawn from the crystal clear waters off the Icelandic coast and heated by the 206º F steam from geyser water until salt begins to form.

The result is an ethereally light and crunchy flake salt high in essential minerals with an unusually high level of purity.


Nuti Masu is translated as” life salt” in Japanese. It is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most unique mineral content salt. Studies have shown that this salt has a salinity that does not accumulate in the body as other refined salts can. The clean ocean at Miyagi Island is the source of Life Ocean and nothing else is added. Nuti masu is the result of the genius of Mr. Masakatsu Takayasu. The technology developed by Mr. Takayasu is known as the “Normal Temperature Instant Crystallization Salt Manufacturing Method”. The idea for the method came from his experience with the cultivation of the Western Orchid. He overcame many difficulties in presenting his idea for financing because as he states, “No one understood because it was so simple”, and finally financed the project himself. It won “Best tasting ocean salt” by World Monde Food Selection Award Gold Medal 6 years in row and is highly recommended by the French "Iron Chef".

Nuti Masu Life Ocean Salt, Japan

The taste of Nuti Masu is sweet, delicate, and balanced and is exceptionally pleasant with freshly made miso soup, Japanese dishes, steamed vegetables, and foods that require a delicate- tasting touch of salt.


Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. started early one morning in April of 2000 on the wood stove of a remote Alaska cabin. Jim and Darcy were celebrating their first anniversary, and awoke to find sea salt forming on the surface of a pan of sea water they left on the wood stove overnight. They were intrigued, and this led to a passion for learning more about great food and artisinal ingredients.

They had a dream to produce North America's first flake style sea salt. Jim, a science nerd, tried to create the perfect pyramidal flake, and the chef wannabe in Darcy experimented with flavors and infusions. It didn't happen fast, and it wasn't easy. In 2008, they began supplying salt to some of the nation's best chefs and now it is available to you. Alaska Pure Sea Salt is created with a passion for great food, wild places, and pristine water.

Alaska Pure, Alaska USA

The ethereal flakes are like freshly fallen snow. The smoked salt is a triumph of subtlety and Alder wood flavor. The Wild Blueberry is a glorious shade of purple with all the components and benefits of organic blueberries infused into the salt. A compliment to game meats and a visual delight baked on lemon shortbread or lemon muffins. A beautiful and unique presentation and taste treat on ice cream.



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